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>> Self-lubricated Sintered Bearings
Self-lubricated Sintered Bearings are porous metal parts, which can be impregnated with a liquid or solid lubricant. With an appropriate design, this lubricant lasts longer than the assembly where it is assembled; thus, maintenance operations or assembly lubrication are not necessary.
With the obviously advantages, It is widely used in domestic electric appliance, electric tools, textiles machinery, chemical machinery and automobile industry, etc.
 Available Materials:
■ Copper-based YF-01 (similar to ASTM B-438 Grade 1 Class A type II, MPIF CT-1000-K26, DIN SINTA50)
■ Iron-copper based YF-02 (similar to MPIF FC-2008-K46 DIN SINT A22)
■ Iron based YF-03 (similar to MPIF F-0008-K20 DIN SINT A10)
■ Tolerance: The common recommended tolerance of a saddle bore is H7, and the journal tolerance is f7/g6.
 Technical Parameters:
Parameters/ Materials Copper-based YF-01 Iron-based YF-03
Density 6.4~6.8 g/cm³ 5.7~5.9 g/cm³
Static Bearing 200 Kg/cm³ 500 Kg/cm³
Dynamic Bearing 18 kg./cm³×m/sec. 13 kg./cm³×m/sec.
Maximum Linear Velocity 7 m./sec. 5 m./sec.
Oil Content 22 % 22%
Apparent Hardness 25 HB 35 HB
Friction Coefficient 0.030 kg./×mm² 0.025 kg./×mm²
Elongation Rate 1~2.5% 2~4%
Operating Temperature Range -20 ~ +120 -20 ~ +120

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